Best Foreign Language (French Language) Course 2022

Join the best French language course in Bhubaneswar by Trainguru Educare.

Best Foreign Language (French Language) Course 2022

Join the best French language course in Bhubaneswar by Trainguru Educare.

Key Highlights of the Course

Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

The Best Foreign Language ( French) Institute in Bhubaneswar

  • You are not alone in your ambition to study French; millions of people learn the language on a regular basis all over the world. French is a language steeped in culture and history. With orators from all throughout Europe, as well as sections of Africa, North America, and South America, the French language may carry you all over the world.
  • Learning the French language is a worthwhile endeavor. With accurate technology guiding you on your journey, you will see your efforts pay off in a variety of ways. Without a doubt, even outside of French, the French language piques people’s interest. The amount of words in the French language is eight times that of the English language.
  • The International Certification examinations are compatible with our French Language Program. We assist our students in studying for such certification examinations, advise them of exam dates and patterns, and ensure that they achieve the best possible results in the exams.

Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

Start your Foreign Language Training with industry experts.


  • Introduction to the Structure of the Language in contrast to English.
  • Training on French Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  • Construction of sentences.
  • Progressive teaching of phrases.
  • French Grammar.
  • French Accent.
  • Enhancing the listening and speaking skills in French.
  • Conversation lessons and group interaction in French.
  • Reading and writing French.
  • Neutralizing language interference.
  • French Translation.
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


Level A1 (Beginner)

Students at the A1 level concentrate their language studies on a number of topics. These full beginners begin their studies with themes that are important for daily interactions to be successful. They dig into increasingly sophisticated subjects connected with French culture as the course advances.

Level A2 (Beginner)

This course is designed to assist students improve their oral and writing expression after they have mastered the fundamentals of the French language. Students will be able to participate in a verbal exchange or generate a short written text at the end of the session. Students will learn the present, past, and future tenses in grammar. Certain major features of French culture are also incorporated into and concentrated on vocabulary knowledge.

Level B1

At the B1 level, students strengthen their grammar and vocabulary in order to improve their argumentation skills and progress towards an intermediate level of French. Students learn to define more complex situations and express their own thoughts by studying current political and social events as depicted in the media, songs, and films.


Students at the B2 level concentrate on current themes, such as French politics and the European Union. They practise written and oral language skills by studying a variety of resources, such as political campaign posters, museum trips, political cartoons, and actual texts like French newspapers and academic articles.


C1 level classes are for students who have a good command of the French language. Through the study of French and European culture, civilization, and history, the curriculum strives to develop both oral and written expression. Texts such as newspapers and academic articles, as well as political cartoons and radio programmes, are used in the coursework.

Level C2

These courses are designed for advanced students who want to improve their written and vocal language skills, with a focus on precision, idiomatic phrases, and colloquialisms. Students are also guided through the laws and culture of the French educational system, particularly at Sciences Po.

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Student Reviews

Sanjay Panda

Trainguru Provides various career options and now I got my first Digital job. Thank You Trainguru Educare.

Biswajit Behera

Trainguru Educare has awesome training content where almost every module is covered very precisely

Minakshi Mohanta

Personally, I liked the environment of the classes. The trainers were supportive and friendly in their teaching methods.

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    Trainguru educare is one of the oldest professional educational institutions in Bhubaneswar with 2500+ students who trust us.

    All those applying for a visa, going to French for further studies, research, etc., looking for work, wanting to improve or upgrade their job profile or salary, wanting to teach, wanting to get good grades in their graduation or certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma, or learning a foreign language as a hobby.

    If you understand French, it’s a very easy and enjoyable language to learn, but it’s an extremely difficult and tedious language to memorize. People memorize 90% of the time and only understand 10% of the time, making it extremely challenging. In our teaching style, one understands 90% of what is taught and memorizes 10%.

    The course is accredited. You will receive a certificate with your scores based on your success in the Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Grammar skills at the end of the course. Our diploma is recognised by German universities. In all other circumstances, you must verify with the university to which you are applying for special criteria.

    Currently, we do not offer placements or placement aid. However, we get a lot of calls from organisations and recruiting firms looking for competent people. We inform our pupils about any job openings in companies and provide them with the necessary information so that they can apply.

    Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

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