Best Foreign Language (German Language) Course 2022

Join the best German language course in Bhubaneswar & learn with the best foreign language course.

Best Foreign Language (German Language) Course 2022

Join the best German language course in Bhubaneswar & learn with the best foreign language course.

Key Highlights of the Course

Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

The Best Foreign Language ( German) Institute in Bhubaneswar

  • You are not alone in your ambition to study German; millions of people learn the language on a regular basis all over the world. German is a language steeped in culture and history. With orators from all throughout Europe, as well as sections of Africa, North America, and South America, the German language may carry you all over the world.
  • Learning the German language is a worthwhile endeavor. With accurate technology guiding you on your journey, you will see your efforts pay off in a variety of ways. Without a doubt, even outside of Germany, the German language piques people’s interest. The amount of words in the German language is eight times that of the English language.
  • The International Certification examinations are compatible with our German Language Program. We assist our students in studying for such certification examinations, advise them of exam dates and patterns, and ensure that they achieve the best possible results in the exams.

Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

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  • Themes: introducing oneself and others; Grammar: W questions, personal pronouns, simple sentence, verb conjugation
  • Themes: hobbies, the week, numbers, the alphabet, months, seasons / Grammar: articles, plural, the verbs to have and to be
  • Theme: in the city / naming places and buildings, modes of transportation, basic directions
  • Themes: Food, drink, and family / groceries and meals / grammar : accusative
  • Themes: daily living, telling time, scheduling appointments / Grammar: prepositions am, um, von..bis; modal verbs, possessive articles
  • Themes: Recreational activities, celebrations / Grammar: separable verbs, accusative, past tense of have and be
  • Themes: Contacts and letter writing / Grammar: dative
  • Themes: my residence, rooms, furnishings, colours;Grammar: altering prepositions
  • Themes : Professions / Grammar : perfect tense
  • Themes: Clothes / Grammar: perfect tense and dative
  • Themes: Health and the body / Grammar: the imperative and modal verbs
  • Themes: Holiday and weather


You will learn how to ask simple questions in both spoken and written form, as well as how to offer instructions. You improve your basic grammar abilities while also expanding your vocabulary.

You learn how to communicate effectively in ordinary circumstances and how to read and comprehend simple texts.

You practise consolidating and revising essential grammar structures, as well as how to conduct discussions on intriguing themes.

You understand the fundamentals of German. You get plenty of practice reading, writing, and talking about tough topics and work-related difficulties.

You will learn to express yourself clearly in both spoken and written form on a wide range of themes, as well as to comprehend practically all texts.

You are unique; you are able to express yourself fluently in German. You work in the fields of literature, sociopolitics, culture, and science.

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Student Reviews

Sanjay Panda

Trainguru Provides various career options and now I got my first Digital job. Thank You Trainguru Educare.

Biswajit Behera

Trainguru Educare has awesome training content where almost every module is covered very precisely

Minakshi Mohanta

Personally, I liked the environment of the classes. The trainers were supportive and friendly in their teaching methods.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    Trainguru educare is one of the oldest professional educational institutions in Bhubaneswar with 2500+ students who trust us.

    All those applying for a visa, going to Germany for further studies, research, etc., looking for work, wanting to improve or upgrade their job profile or salary, wanting to teach, wanting to get good grades in their graduation or certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma, or learning a foreign language as a hobby.

    If you understand German, it’s a very easy and enjoyable language to learn, but it’s an extremely difficult and tedious language to memorise. People memorise 90% of the time and only understand 10% of the time, making it extremely challenging. In our teaching style, one understands 90% of what is taught and memorises 10%.

    The course is accredited. You will receive a certificate with your scores based on your success in the Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Grammar skills at the end of the course. Our diploma is recognised by German universities. In all other circumstances, you must verify with the university to which you are applying for special criteria.

    Currently, we do not offer placements or placement aid. However, we get a lot of calls from organisations and recruiting firms looking for competent people. We inform our pupils about any job openings in companies and provide them with the necessary information so that they can apply.

    Get familiar with our Foreign Language Training Course syllabus.

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