Best GST Training Course In Bhubaneswar 2022

Join the best Goods & Service Tax (GST) course in Bhubaneswar to learn the professional skill of the decade

Best GST Training Course In Bhubaneswar 2022

Join the best Goods & Service Tax (GST) course in Bhubaneswar in learn the professional skill of the decade

Key Highlights of the Course

Get familiar with our GST Training Course syllabus.

The Best GST Institute in Bhubaneswar

  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is India’s first indirect tax reform. With the implementation of the GST on July 1, 2017, the indirect tax structure underwent a major shift. Understanding and assimilation the new GST in India, new compliances, and changes in corporate operations are critical.
  • Assisting professionals and aspirants with continuous updates and educating them on GST the GST Certification Course has been launched by CA Club India.

Get familiar with our gst training course syllabus.

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  • What is GST? , Threshold limit, Types of GST, CGST, SGST, IGST, Interstate & Intrastate purchase sales,
  • Different Tax Slabs of GST, GST rate on Gold & Precious stones
  • What is HSN & SAC codes, Use of 2 digits, 4 digits & 8 digits HNS codes
  • What is GSTIN number, how GSTIN number is designed, Form REG-06
  • B2B Invoice, B2C Invoice, Exempted & Nil rated Invoice, Amended B2B Invoice
  • GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, Input Tax Credit
  • Unregistered Purchase, Reverse Charge Mechanism, Debit Note & Credit Note In GST
  • GST for Composition Dealer
  • Due Dates of GSTR filings
  • Interest & Late fee under GST
  • Proprietorship Firm
  • Partnership Firm
  • Private Limited Company
  • Documents for GST Registration
  • Part A & Part B of GST Registration
  • Temporary Reference Number (TRN), validity of TRN
  • How to Prepare & upload Letter in case of Authorization
  • How to Prepare & upload Consent Letter in case of place of business as legal ownership document
  • How to reply notice of clarification & seeking additional information by the department
  • Application Reference Number (ARN)
  • How to check status of GST registration
  • How to create GST Login Password after registration
  • How to download GST registration form REG-06
  • How to view profile section of GSTIN holder
  • How to change GST portal Password
  • Amendment of registration core & noncore fields
  • Changes of contact no’s & email in amendment field
  • Amendment of additional place of business
  • How to search any taxpayer and his return filing status by PAN
  • Prepare Online & Prepare Offline GSTR 3B
  • Filing Nil return GSTR 3B,

Table No-3.1 Tax on outward & reverse charge inward supplies

  • Outward Taxable supplies (Other than zero rated, Nil rated & Exempted)
  • 0the outward supplies (Nil rated, Exempted)

Table No-3.2 Interstate Supplies

  • Supplies made to unregistered persons
  • Supplies made to composition taxable persons

Table No-4 Eligible ITC

  • ITC available
  • ITC reversed

Table No-5 Exempt, nil & Non GST inward supplies

  • Interstate Exempted, nil rated inward Supplies
  • Preview Draft GSTR 3B
  • Download GSTR3B
  • Create Chelan, Tax Payment
  • Chelan History
  • Saved Chelan
  • Electronic Cash Ledger
  • Electronic Credit Ledger
  • Track Return Status
  • What is e-Way bill?
  • e-Way bill registration
  • e-Way bill generation
  • Filing of B2B invoice
  • Filing of B2C Large invoices
  • Filing of Credit/ Debit Note Registered
  • Filing of Credit/ Debit Note Unregistered
  • Filing of Amended B2C Large Invoice
  • Amended Credit/ Debit Note Unregistered
  • Filing of B2C Others
  • Filing of Nil Rated Supplies
  • SNG –wise Summary of outward supplies
  • Document Summary
  • GSTR-1 filing manually and JSON file upload
  • What is GSTR-2
  • Auto Drafted B2B Invoice
  • Auto Drafted Credit/ Debit Notes
  • Comparison of Liability Declared & ITC claimed
  • What is GSTR-4 & COM-08
  • Composition Scheme
  • Inward supply registered
  • Inward supply unregistered
  • Amendment Inward supply registered
  • Debit Note/ Credit Note registered
  • Debit Note/ Credit Note unregistered
  • Tax on outward supplies
  • Filing of GSTR -9
  • GSTR-9 Data reconciliation with GSTR 1 & 2A /2B

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Sanjay Panda

Trainguru Provides various career options and now I got my first Digital job. Thank You Trainguru Educare.

Biswajit Behera

Trainguru Educare has awesome training content where almost every module is covered very precisely

Minakshi Mohanta

Personally, I liked the environment of the classes. The trainers were supportive and friendly in their teaching methods.

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    Trainguru educare is one of the oldest professional educational institutions in Bhubaneswar with 2500+ students who trust us.

    GST has now become a necessity, and businesses are looking for individuals who are familiar with the GST framework and its requirements. Professionals would also find it easier to advance their careers if they gain in-demand GST abilities.

    Every business faces difficult decision-making scenarios on a regular basis, and when it comes to accounting and taxation, having a certified professional provide reliable advice pays off. After all, no business is a one-man show; it takes an entire team to bring it to a successful and long-term future.

    Yes, the Goods & Service Tax course is designed to include ample practical assignments and hands-on learning to help you grasp how GST is implemented in the real world.

    The most significant talents required to become an effective GST practitioner are mathematical aptitude and the ability to perform computations. It is not necessary for you to be able to perform complex computations on your own. A basic understanding of mathematics, accounting, and finance will go a long way toward making you a competent GST Practitioner. Organization, management, communication, and the intuitive ability to connect with clients and understand their needs are some of the other abilities required. You should also be able to investigate any GST-related news and keep up with financial industry trends.

    Get familiar with our gst training course syllabus.

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